Catwalk, Fairing

Catwalk Faired and Resin Coated

Posted by Paul

Very slow progress this week. In fact at one stage I actually went backwards! The foam shapes sides are glued to duflex sides and to glass it all I rounded the square underside inside edge so the glass would wrap around so it is glass on balsa rounded edge. There is nothing wrong with this the whole boats is glass on balsa but you have to be careful that there is enough resin on the balsa edge because the balsa draws the resin in and then the glass is resin starved and does not adhere to the balsa it sets hard not actually adhered. It does not become apparent until you fair the surface, then the glass that is not in contact with the balsa cuts through and that is what happened in a couple of places on the underside of the catwalk on one side. So after fairing I have a repair job which will then need to be re-faired. The repair consists of re-glassing along the glass cutaway, re-bog it and re-fair it.

catwalk resin coat

But rather than let the re-glassing slow down the progress too much I decided I would finish the fairing, then resin coat the underside (which I do before applying a coat of highbuild to the resin while it is green) and glass the section then I would then just have a small section to re fair later. I ran out of time, well the resin had still not gone off enough, to apply the coat of highbuild so I will do that first thing in the morning. The highbuild goes off much faster than resin so I should be able to glue the catwalk onto the boat tomorrow, and glass it on Sunday.

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