Building Logs, cabin sides

Cabin sides on boat.

Posted by Paul

Very exciting times. I am finally at a stage of the build that I can see the end and to me it is nearer than the start. Many builders tell you that the shell is the easy part and takes about a third of the time. I cant see it myself. It has taken me 3 years to get the shell built, and I think I can finish from here in 2 years at most, 1 year at best so somewhere in between is about right. I can finally tell people when they ask (always the first questions when first learning of the project) that I launch next year! Next year is a time most people can deal with. When I first started not even I could deal with 5 years, who knows what they will be doing in 5 years? But next year, easy. Most phone contracts last longer than that and we sign them without a second thought. This years NY resolution is to try harder to get 80 hours a month done. I have 2000 hours so far, I want to be at 3000 hours next NY day. From 3000 hours the end will only be a few short months away, (I think I can get away with 3500 hours including fairing and painting) and with any luck I can afford to pay for some help on the last few hundred hours so they may even be achieved this year. This month I plan to get the roof glued and glassed onto BH6 and then get the huge wrap around panels kerfed and onto the boat. That will leave just the rear steps and duckboard to complete the shell.

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