Bridgedeck in place ready to glue.

Posted by Paul

After deciding that I would not attempt the fly screen non slip on the underside of the deck it was just a matter of turning it over ready to lift into place. Yesterday three of us lifted one end and we pushed the pallet trolley under, then we lifted the other end and pushed the deck out from under the boat. Then we pushed it up onto its side edge and over onto the bottom and pushed it back to the middle of the space. We then lifted one end and put a 44 gallon drum under each corner, then lifted the other end and put 2 more drums under the other corners, and then rolled the trailer under lifting one end so we could get it centred. We then rolled it into position and I replaced the drums, this time with milk crates on top which balanced the height fore and aft at roughly the same height as the trailer in the centre.

It is really surprising how heavy the deck is. It took all our strength to turn the deck over. And also surprising how much flex there still is in the panel even with the 4 stiffeners on.

With the deck over and in place and with the drums and crates levelling it out I can safely walk on the deck. It creaks and groans here and there which is a bit scary but once it is glued to the bulkheads (and furniture is in) the longest open span will be little more than a meter or 2 which will add to its stiffness.

This afternoon, in one of the worst storms we have had here on the Cental Coast in memory I set about gluing in the forward web. It has rained hard for the last 24 hours and the sound of the rain on the tin roof makes normal talking impossible, you need to shout to be heard over it. Anyway, I have glued the forward webs in, 4 of them. I also squared and braced them so that the glue sets square.

gluing deck websquare deck webhappy paulforedeck web glued

The plan for tomorrow is to cut the kerfs into the front section of the deck that will curve up against the webs put in place today, remove the peel ply from where the bulkheads will glue to the deck and to cove and glass the webs in.

Then on Sunday I will attempt to raise the deck up to meet the bulkheads and glue it and brace it to set. The plan on how to raise the deck is to use the pallet trolley and a leg of 50mmx100mm timber to lift the deck and then slide in another leg along side it and brace the deck up with them, one at a time, repeating the process until I have about 2 or 3 legs per bulkhead. If this is easy enough, I will lower it again and glue each bulkhead and repeat the process, leaving the braces there for the glue to set, and not to remove them until the joins are all coved and glassed.

So on Monday (a public holiday) I will start to glass it in if I manage to get it all glued on Sunday. If I need to trim the deck (which looks likely as it looks too wide) it may take me until Monday to have it glued up.

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