Bridgedeck glued to all bulkheads

Posted by Paul

The bridgedeck is now glued at all 4 spanning bulkheads. I just have to glue the kerfs to the forward webs and then the sides to the chamfer panel top for it to be completely glued. I can then tape the deck sides over and under, with the underside coved with a fairly big cove. I decided to glue the up to the last bulkhead before I did the kerfing, figuring it would be one less task I needed to get done before the glue went off and that it would not make the kerfing any harder to do with it already glued to the forward bulkhead.

Then I have to start on the strengthening uni tapes on each side of the bulkheads and the deck is done. I think I can have the forward web glued and the sides glued and taped by the end of the weekend, although I will be limited on Saturday as I have a 40th birthday to attend and have to leave mid afternoon. Once the kerfs are set I will also need to glass the inside of these areas as they will form deck lockers and will need to be completely sealed and will need the extra strength.

Then I can say that with the exception of a few through hull fittings such as the daggerboards and the outboard openings, the bottom half of the boat is done and it is time to start filling the boat with the various fittings and furniture before making the top half. Sounds simple don’t it.

I am reliably told that I am about 1/4 of the way to a boat. ONLY a 1/4! Well that makes sense anyway as I am approaching 1000 hours and the minimum is 4000 hours and up to 6000 to 8000 hours depending on how good a finish I want and how fussy about areas that are mostly hidden like inside lockers etc that I get. I imagine I wont be too fussy because I am hoping to cheat a bit with lots of liners to minimise fairing work. Anyway that is all a long way off yet.

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