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Bridgedeck Furniture

Posted by Paul

I am getting a bit bogged down (no pun intended) in the ensuite plumbing, and losing a bit of motivation to go into the hot shed and fiddle around for hours and not have much to show for it so I have decided to reinvigorate myself by getting some high visual impact work done by marking out the saloon furniture and starting to install some framework for it. A few tentative moves in the bridgedeck is very exciting work. Just measuring and marking it all out, it took all day but it was fun work and I did not notice the heat whilst I was engrossed in it.

saloon furniture plans

As soon as I have something to show for it I will post some pics but for now all I have is the plans I have drawn up. Its not quite to scale but gives me something to work to. The saloon sofa is 3000mm wide and the islands protrude 1500mm.

Time Spent: 56.00 Hours
Total build time so far: 2941.00 Hours
Total Elapsed Time: 4 Years 5 months

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