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Bogging The Hull Done

Posted by Paul

We left the peel ply off when we had finished glassing yesterday as we knew that today we would be bogging the hull whilst the resin was still green. I decided to go with a spatula like trowel instead of the usual plasterers trowel as I thought the oversize spatula would be better at picking up the resin from the tubs. By the way I should have mentioned this yesterday but a tip on resin tubs is ice cream shops. Each day (if they are busy ones) they go through dozens of them and most just throw them out.

The mixture of the bog is as per the glue and filler using West resin and hardener but this time you use the sawdust looking 410 powder. As with the other West mixes it goes off fast and we managed to cook a whole tub and wouldn’t you know it we were just that one tub short of bogging the whole hull with 1 bag of 410. We had to try to keep the bog thin so that it spread fast and easy as with just one person mixing and one filling we didn’t have time to waste. We also forgot the camera again so we had to use the phone cameras so the quality is not the best.


We got some runs here and there and I think I may have put a little too much on in some places and not enough in others but overall I am happy with the job and I think I will be able to sand it quite smooth and fair. I may have to run a little more bog along some of the tapes as they still seem to show through but that may change when I sand back. I will check on it tomorrow to see how it has set and maybe touch up a little. I will need to key it as it will not be green as the ADR was today. I am not sure if it will be fully cured to sand tomorrow but I think I should be able to key it. I don’t intend to start sanding back until the dust extractor arrives late next week. I will be away on business for a few days again this week anyway.

Once we have sanded the hull and are happy with it (so there may be more bog and more sanding before we get there) we will coat the hull with 2 coats (the second whilst the first is still green) of resin then whilst the second coat is still green we will put the first coat of high build on. I may even antifoul the hull before we turn it over. I am not sure yet, but I am looking into using epoxy resin with copper powder mixed in as an anti foul base. More on that later. Before we get to that stage we will tape all of the joins inside the hull. I learnt from Brett that you don’t have to cove the joins, let them set and then sand them smooth, you can tape straight onto the wet cove and smoothing it out that way rather than sanding! That sounds good to me.

Time Spent: 62.00 Hours
Total build time so far: 303.00 Hours, Total Elapsed Time: 6 Months 4 weeks

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