Blanks Ready to Glass

Posted by Paul

I have prepared the dagger blanks and they are now ready to glass. I have shaped the radius curves of the bottom of the dagger and taken all of the sharp edges off and rounded them also. I also sanded the trailing edges back to the fibreglass batten so all is ready for glassing. I still have to back fill the centre spine and the holes here and there including a new rough area at the trailing edge at the batten, but I will do this on the day I glass that dagger and then glass to the thick glue once it has tacked off but still green enough to get a chemical bond.

The glassing will take pretty much all day, there are 3 layers of uni (2 with the fibres running up and down and 1 with the fibres running across) and a layer of double bias as well as the back filling so this will take a while to get on. I will probably also peel ply the board so I can bog it without having to sand it. It is unlikely I will get to do them before the weekend.

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