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Bedroom furniture shelves

Posted by Paul

The port bedroom furniture continues to take shape an hour at a time. It has been hot again all week so by the time I am able to get to the shed it is sauna like. An hour at a time is about as much as I can stand of it.

I have all the shelves and a rail cut and dry fitted. The rail is because the top of the middle section will be a drawer, the rest shelves at varying heights to increase the versatility of the shallow unit.

Over the weekend I will glass the shelves in, shape the top and glass that down and give the internals a coat of white epoxy to finish the unit ready for doors to be hung as some point later in the build when I make and fit all the cupboard doors in one go.

With Nine Lives about to be launched there are a lot of unfinished projects on it that I would rather see done before it goes into the water and the builders are not going to get them done in time so I volunteered to get them done. Little things like attaching the chain plates, there is a bulkhead in the boat that has not been glassed in properly, the windlass is not installed etc. And then there is the shed preparation so that the move out runs smoothly. This and the stifling summer heat put a stop to work on my boat. I was at the shed for 14 hours over the weekend and only managed 2 hours on my build so I ended up on 60 hours for the month instead of 70 or more.

Time Spent: 60.00 Hours

Total build time so far: 2772.00 Hours

Total Elapsed Time: 4 Years 2 months 3 weeks

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