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Bedroom furniture dividers glassed in

Posted by Paul

The Port bedroom hull side cupboard kickboard was glassed in last night and tonight I glassed the 3 dividing walls and front rail into the hull. I also glued a post against the bulkhead on the aft end of the cupboard. I clamped blocks of timber, duflex whatever I could lay my hands on, to act as braces to hold the upright walls in place until they set overnight. I am resisting using screws into the hull sides hence the bracing.

Port bedroom cupboard walls inPort bedroom cupboard walls in 1

The dividing walls are level, square and plumb. Next I will make shelves and fit them. Jo wants at least 1 drawer, so I may put that into the centre section and a smaller door under it with just 1 shelf in that section and 2 shelves in the 2 end compartments.

I also still have to shape the angled in section at the fore of this furniture as it angles in to the doorway that is now moved toward the hull side. I will experiment with curves and straight angles to see what works best.

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