Beam Sitting Almost in Place

Posted by Paul

I lifted (well me and 2 helpers) the beam onto the hulls today. I have one side slid into place and the other side (port side) is sitting above the hull to deck turn panel. It will need to be removed before the beam can be slid over the port bulkhead as the beam is still wider than the boat.

port beambeam over port hullforebeam from porttrim shape of beam

The beam is quite heavy and the slots I have made are only just big enough for the bulkheads so man handling the beam around is not an easy task. I wont be able to finish dry fitting until I have help to remove the port hull to deck panel on Saturday. Once I have the beam closer to in position I will be able to mark it more accurately for trimming, but the pic above indicated the angle that I will need to trim it by but nowhere near as much as that, in fact probably less than half that but the same amount from each side.

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