Copper epoxy antifoul, Starboard Hull

Applying Copper Epoxy Anti Foul

Posted by Paul

I had another of those long days punctuated by 3 hours waiting for paint to dry. So while I was on site for 9 hours, only 6 were spent actually working. Again I could have been doing things while I waited for the first copper epoxy resin coat to dry enough to apply the second coat but I had other things I could do, like relax and read the paper, do a little computer work online as well as surf the net a bit.

First thing I did was attach the skirt. I re used the plastic from the highbuild coats, which I re used from the last hull. So for $13 of plastic sheet I got both hulls finished. That’s pretty good value.

sb skirt outboardsb skirt inboard

With the skirts on I was ready to apply the first coat of copper epoxy. For those that have recently started reading, I plan to coat the bottom of the hulls with PureSeal over the top of copper epoxy resin as a second line of defence that hopefully means a minimal amount of maintenance and I don’t have to replace the coat for 10 years. On the first hull I used 1.5kgs of resin and 1.5kgs of copper powder (50:50 mix) on the first coat, so I measured out 3 tubs of 500g of copper powder. 10 pumps of the west wall pump is 490g of epoxy. For the second coat I used 2.5kgs of resin and 1.5kgs of resin (67:33 mix) made up of 2 lots of 1kgs and 1 lot of 500g.

500g copper powder1kg copper powder

So in all I used 8kgs of copper powder (4 on each hull) and 6kgs of extra resin (3 on each hull) and I have 1 kgs of copper powder left over, for use on the rudders, daggerboards and inside the casing and any touching up I might need to do.

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