Standing bulkheads

Another Two Today

Posted by Paul

I got a really promising start today, before it all started to go pear shaped. I got the first bulkhead, tbh 4 up in just under 2 hours, so it had me thinking I might have tbh 5 and bulkhead 7 up by the end of the day, but unfortunately I killed the cordless drill and had to go out and buy another, and by the time I got back into it (and put up some curtains in the office for Jo) it was 6pm and I decided I wasn’t going to get another up today so that was it. So tomorrow I have bh 7 and then 2 really small panels, bh 8 and tbh 6, so I should have them all up by days end tomorrow. Then Christmas celebrations take over for the next 2 weekends so I doubt I will start on the panelling until after Christmas.


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