Attaching hull panels, Starboard Hull

Another Panel Attached 2 to Go

Posted by Paul

The panels are going on quite easily so far. I shouldn’t tempt fate with such fighting words though. The next panel should also be easy enough, the outboard large panel but then I have the dreaded chamfer panel. Actually I am fairly confident this time as it really wasn’t that difficult to fit first time but it is still a tricky job.

inboard panel ready to liftnext inboard attachedstarboard at sternstarboard at bow

I plan to fit the next 2 panels next week as I have a busy weekend away from the boat. If I can have these last 2 panels fitted next week I will be on track to have the hull glassed and bogged this month.

Oh and the reason I should not tempt fate with what I write here, is that just 5 days ago after 2 glorious 28 degree days I declared Winter was over, since then the temperature has plummeted to 12 degrees each day, it has barely stopped raining and the wind hasn’t dropped below 40 kts!

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