Bogging starboard hull

Another Good Hard Bog

Posted by Paul

The starboard hull now has a rock hard layer of bog over it. A relief. I am now ready to start sanding again. That will probably start tomorrow. We worked very hard at it on the weekend so I have decided that a couple of days off while the bog fully hardens is not such a bad thing. I could be taping the internal hull joins but like I said a couple of days off has been earned.

I mentioned that here and there some of the 100mm tape edges had not been fully bedded against the glass below it. These are all only a few centimetres long and only at the very edge and in all there are about 4 or 5 of them over the hull. They are more like some rough strands of glass poking up from the hull surface. These rough bristles of glass catch bog which makes them look much worse than they are. I have a picture of one as it is now and I will include a picture of it once it is sanded out.

My hope is that this hull will be finished by the end of the month and may be turned early November.

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