Building Logs

Another Bulkhead

Posted by Paul

Because of work commitments I only had time to stand 1 more bulkhead today. I had to rush to catch a plane, I will be in Melbourne for a few days but I hope to be able to get more done this weekend. I didn’t have time to take any photos today but will add them with my next post. It went fairly smoothly and I managed to get it up, plumb, square, level, straight, centred and in the right place in only 2 hours. Bulkhead 5 is another of the main structural bulkhead and separates the bedrooms from the saloon and is also where a mast is usually stepped on a traditionally rigged cat.

That’s 7 (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and tbh1) out of 15 so almost half way on this hull. There are 9 bulkheads 4 of which span the boat, and 6 temp bulkheads in all.

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