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Another 2 Hours of My Life Spent Sanding!

Posted by Paul

Yes, another 2 hours of sanding and now the inboard side of the hull has been completely sanded (for this coat). I am sanding using a combination of the Bohler and orbital and the shorter long board. I cant use the longer long board I made on the inboard side of the hull because it is more difficult to use on the chamfer and you can only use half of it so its much easier to use the shorter board.

This coat of highbuild is now fairly thin having been sanded away but there are very few areas where the color of the bog below shows through, meaning that there is still a layer of highbuild over most of it.

The tapes are visible again and you can also see that some of the high spots are actually in the resin coat in the form of runs. This explains why there are some areas where the highbuild is now completely sanded away. The bog was pretty fair but the thicker areas of resin are enough to become high spots that cause the highbuild to be completely sanded away. The tapes and glass edges are visible again because the highbuild is thin. You can see them but you definitely cant feel them.

sb sanded highbuild bowsb sanded highbuild sternsb sanded highbuild close upsb sanded highbuild

The next coats will need less sanding until the last coat will need very little sanding at all. With any luck I will have this coat sanded by the end of the week and have the next coat on by Friday so that I can sand it over the weekend and apply the final coat on Sunday afternoon.

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