Building Logs

An Empty Warehouse

Posted by Paul

We paid for our plans in January this year with the intention of leasing a warehouse to run our small business from and build the boat in. But other work and travel got in the way and before we knew it, it was May and we still didn’t have a warehouse to build the cat in. After just missing out on the perfect location (next door to a boat builder!) we finally settled on another location. In the mean time ATL composites were cutting our kit. It was finally ready for delivery in August 2005, and in the meantime a few other smaller deliveries were happening in July.

empty warehouse

As you can see, as yet no real work has taken place on the boat. I will start logging all the time spent actually working so as to give an idea of how long it takes to build a cat like ours, but remember it will vary from person to person based a little on how quickly you can settle into a job, I find I have to stare at each job for at least 10 minutes before I can start!

Time Spent 0.00 Hours    Total build time so far: 0.00 Hours    Total Elapsed Time: Day 1

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