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All of the Uni on Second Dagger

Posted by Paul

I gave the dagger a quick sand on both sides as I was not sure (although I think it was) if the resin was still green, I am positive yesterdays glassing was but not sure about the resin from the day before. So to be absolutely safe and to clean up the leading edge that will be glassed around on this layer anyway, the sanding ensured perhaps a mechanical and chemical bond. Once the surface was sanded, to check this just ensure there are no shiny areas left meaning you have completely scuffed the surface, give it a wipe off with a cloth damp with acetone (or water if you have time for it to dry off), the acetone evaporates off instantly so you can work on. I then laid out the uni on the board and cut it to shape and started to wet it out.

I draped the glass over the leading edge, clipped to the trailing edge so it would not slide off and started by wetting out the board under the glass and then laid over the dry cloth and started on wetting out the glass itself. After wetting out one side I decided that it would be wise to take advantage of the wet glass and use another layer of glass (the cross dagger uni layer) to soak up any excess resin. Fortunately I had these cut to size before I started also so I laid them out over the wet glass (I still had not wet out the other side so this glass was still draped over the dagger) and I wet the second (actually 3rd but second in this lay up) layer of glass, this took significantly less resin and time because it was already soaking up resin from below and was about 30% wet before I touched it with the brush from above.

second dagger uni glassed

Once both layers of glass were wet I turned the dagger over on the axle and started to wet out the first layer of glass that had been draped over the leading edge. Again the method was to wet the dagger edges first and then to lay out the dry glass over the wetted dagger, this has the dual action of holding the glass in place and wetting the glass from below. Then I wet out the rest of this glass and did the same thing as the other side, I laid out the dry pieces of cross dagger uni and rolled them down into the wet glass below. After a few minutes the resin starts to creep through from below and you have that much less work to do and resin to use to wet it out.
Fortunately or unfortunately depending on which way you look at it, I just squeezed out enough hardener to finish wetting out the last of the uni before I ran out. I have plenty of resin but no hardener left. I now have to get more before I can do any more construction, although there is still plenty of sanding to do so work can continue if I don’t get the resin soon.

Because I had loose edges of the cross uni glass hanging over the leading edge and I wanted these to sit down as much as I could get them to I decided to try peel ply over the leading edge. I still have to grind off any dags and sand the dagger to glass the final layer but this may clean up the leading edge and lessen the work left.

Work on Nine Lives is continuing, mostly fairing and also some internal work including cutting out the windows, and the start of the internal furniture.

Nine lives faired cockpitnine lives faired foredecknine lives windows

nine lives port saloonnine lives saloon seat basenine lives logo

I wont be able to sand the dagger until Saturday or Sunday as I have to let this glass harden properly, even if I get hardener tomorrow I need the uni hard in order to properly sand or grind it back. I may need to spend the time I get tomorrow going to get hardener.

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