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Aft Bedroom Inboard Cupboard Top On

Posted by Paul

After 4 days of do a bit, let it set, do a bit more, let it set, I have finally glued and glassed the pieces into the boat to finish the aft bedroom inboard cupboard, well almost, I have glassed the last top panel in, (not in the pics but it is done) and next I will build a box over the wiring conduit and glass the ply cupboard end/bedroom wall in to finish it, and make an inside base for the cupboard that doubles as a lid over the void that will have the sail handling lines running through it. And of course I have to white coat it all inside and just before I final finish the boat the tops will be laminated. I have glued and glassed a pine rail to the hull panel at the same height as the pine rail glassed to the inside of the cabinet front and onto it will sit a ply plate that covers the void and acts as the base of the cupboard. It is only 200mm deep and angled because of the chamfer panel so it wont fit much more than small items.

aft bedroom inboard hull cabinet top onaft bedroom inboard hull cabinet lid

The space above this cabinet top and lid (which will eventually be hinged) is a hanging space so assuming things on coat hangers hanging above it there wont be anything stored on the bench top anyway so it wont impede the hinged lid, and whilst the hanging clothes will need to be pushed aside to open the lid, you can still access whatever is put into the cabinet.

As each of the furniture parts in each room get installed the boat gets one step closer to completion and the forward rooms are almost finished, the aft in this hull almost finished, the bridgedeck is about half finished but I am about to do more on it, and that leaves the bathroom, shower and laundry. Then it is time to finish all of the unfinished parts of these areas that are waiting for one thing or another (or just me getting back around to them) to tie up all of these loose ends before we to on to the final stage of the build, another slow, time consuming part, but one that will be very satisfying, final fit-out and finishing work. The shiny bits. And handles, locks, hinges, and all the other things that go un-noticed in any house, light switches, taps, light fittings, power outlets. Connecting it all up and making sure it all works. Time consuming, but man I cant wait. Very exciting.

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