Building Logs

………………….Aaaannndd, were back

Posted by Paul

Sorry for that rather long break in transmission. We can now resume normal programming. I have been quite busy working on the boat but too busy (or lazy) to write and upload the blog. I do apologise. Now I said I have been busy, that’s also not exactly true. Each year, at the start usually because of the weather being so hot I lose motivation to keep hard at it. It is something about the shed being a massive sauna with no way for the heat to escape that makes it unbearably hot whenever the outside temp exceeds 25 degrees. We have had most days exceed 30. It makes resin go off very fast even with slow hardener and is extremely uncomfortable. And it is about the only time I show any signs of epoxy intolerance. I am sure my body is close to saying enough already, but I dont see any symptoms unless its really hot, and then I get a rash on my inner forearms that shows for about a day or so then goes. Hopefully only a couple more weeks of this heat and then I have 6 months of clear work time to get most if not all the construction finished. By the time it warms up again I hope to be on the final finish work, that is fitting linings, upholstery and laminates. I should be well finished with sanding and grinding of hardened glass or any epoxy work.

In the meantime I am working on fitting the last quarter of the boat that does not have furniture, the main bathroom, shower and laundry in the Port hull.

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