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A Lot Done This Weekend

Posted by Paul

Although there is little to show (unfortunately even less to show on this site because I did not take any photos) I got a lot done this weekend. I finally ticked off some of the really awful jobs. The bow sections in both hulls are now coved and glassed so both keelsons are done. I also glassed the panel joins that had not been done when the hulls were upside down and also coved and glassed the 0 bulkhead internal joins. So the bow sections are ready for the forebeam to be fitted before the strip planked panels (both the full length hull to deck turn and inside bow turns) can then be glued down. I cant tell you how happy I am to get them ticked off the list. I was dreading doing them so to have them done is quite a relief.

Sam came in today with his sons and they all helped me, with the boys mixing coving filler or wetting tapes and passing them to me so I didn’t have to keep getting in and out of the hulls, which is just as well because it took every once of strength I had getting in and out of the 4 compartments. It is really difficult to climb up out of these areas without stepping on the base and pushing with your legs. I could not put my feet down because I did not want to disturb the freshly laid wet glass. So again thank you Sam, Max and David.

They were quite difficult to do because of the confined space but ironically I found it easier to to the more narrow forward compartments than the ones behind them because I was able to wedge myself in with my feet on the sides so as to get the coves in and the tapes on (wet on wet) without touching them with my feet or standing on them. I then kind of stood up to reach the bulkheads either side to lift myself out, again without standing up. I used the detail roller to ensure it was all bedded down properly.

I also coved the bulkhead to hull panel joins in the most forward compartments. These were a lot easier than I thought they would be. We attached the detail roller onto a long handle and I was able to reach in with a very wet cove mix and get the cove into the join, they did not look great but the tape got a good surface to attach and they will never ever be seen once the lids get glued on, so I am not in the least concerned. To get the tapes into the cove I used a pvc pipe and then the detail roller on the stick finished the taping off.

2nd dagger almost fairanother case half

Yesterday I got the second dagger almost fair, I have sanded on side and added a second bog screed and sanded again so I just have some minor spot filling to do, on the other side I have sanded the first bog layer and will need another bog screed and then the backfill to get this second dagger fair. I have also faired the top sheave box on both daggers but still have to cut in and glue the bottom sheave boxes in.

I have the 3rd dagger case out of the mold as on Friday I managed to glass the outside of the case and get it back in the mold to set and also gave the inside its second thick coat of resin and today I removed the 3rd case half from the mold and I have glued the last case half in the mold. Once set tomorrow I will remove all but about 6 screws, give the glue a sand off if it is set (unlikely so this may have to wait until Tuesday) and glass the inside, then the outside. I am hoping that I may be able to get this last case finished before I go to the Sanctuary Cove boat show. I also want the second dagger faired before I go too but this is unlikely, I will apply the next bog screed tomorrow but it wont be set hard enough to sand until Wednesday but I leave Wednesday so it will have to wait until the week after.

Next month will be quite exciting as I think I will get the dagger cases glued into the boat as well as the forebeam, and will be ready to start closing the shell up.

I am sore, I got glue all over my arms and in my hair and have a lot of little scratches on my arms from using them to wedge myself into the hull compartments, so I am feeling it a bit, but I am extremely satisfied today.

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