Copper epoxy antifoul, Starboard Hull

A Lazy Sunday

Posted by Paul

I had another of my lazy Sundays where I don’t do much except watch tv. I did go and check on the cure of the copper epoxy coat and to remove the masking skirt. It is not completely set and whilst it is dry but a little soft, I can still leave a fingerprint. But other than that, the finish is fantastic. I am stoked.

I also found time to remove one of the temp bulkheads. I will remove the rest of them tomorrow, but on Tuesday Jo and I are going to Melbourne for a few days (not to go to the races) and I wont be back until next Monday or Tuesday and with the Muster the weekend after I probably wont have the internal tapes done until the weekend after that, getting into late November. Hopefully we can still turn the hull in November.

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