Starboard Hull, Taping hull joins and bulkheads

3 More Bulkheads Coved and Taped

Posted by Paul

We got back from our early Christmas retreat a little earlier than expected so I was able to get some more boat work done. This makes up for the slacking I have been doing this past week or so. I taped 3 more bulkhead sides, the back of bulkhead 3 which it the front of the closet on the port cabin, the back of bulkhead 4 which is the front of the port cabin and the back of bulkhead 5 which is the front of the saloon.

I have just one bulkhead side to go to be half way (the back of bulkhead 2). Then I have the front of all the bulkheads to do. The reason I am doing all of the backs first is that the fronts have the legs attached that have to be moved before I can finish the taping. This is not a problem but just means I have to undo the legs one at a time, do that bulkhead and when it is set, re attach the legs. I need the legs to hold the hull up until I am ready to turn it over, then I will remove them all anyway. So with all but one tape to half way (2 hours tops) it means I have about 15 hours work to finish the hull ready to turn. If I was diligent, that is just a Saturday and a Sunday of work. Of course being diligent is not one of my strong points!

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