Standing bulkheads

2 More Bulkheads

Posted by Paul

It would appear that not much got done today but I worked really hard for 6 hours for just 2 more bulkheads stood. I managed 4 yesterday (in 8 hours) but had help from Graeme, so I guess 2 on my own in 6 hours isn’t so bad. I am going to figure on 3 hours a bulkhead from now on. I thought I would have the lot up this weekend. I am learning now why people gasp when I tell them what I am doing. It IS a big job. It hot today too, so I am sure that contributed to the time it took.

There is not much to add by way of information, it was just more of the same as yesterday. I added a pic of the laser as it is turning out to be a handy tool, kind like having a cross hairs sighter. The only other thing to add in today’s log is to reiterate how heavy the mdf temp bulkheads are. They are difficult to stand on your own. So if you can get friends to help then do so. Combined with their weight their size makes them awkward to handle on your own. The rest of today’s log is more pictures in order so those interested can see the progress pictorially however small the progress.



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